The Fourest

Released June 08, 2014

  sold-out   DIGITAL


PENDRA GON is an electronic enigma if there ever was one...he began his career with the melodic electronic duality of Sleepalong & Idioticon, quickly releasing his 16x floppy disk 8-bit masterpiece Mu Blaksids Nogard Nep and eventually progressing into more ambient territories with the space-themed Lupsam Regnatra. His long-awaited new album The Fourest continues the evolution into much darker territories & sound palettes, invoking a truly malevolent collection of 8 tracks which bring to mind dark ambient & medieval dirges while simultaneously wearing his video game influences on his sleeve. Included with each album is a miniature cork-top vial containing pieces of trees from a legitimate German black forest, smuggled to America after an attempted shipment from a stationed colleague led to a police interrogation. A thick brown cardstock booklet accompanies each song with an image carefully curated by Pendra Gon, borrowed with love from Adrian Hill's Book of Trees.


Cotton-filled brown kraft jewelry boxes with brown hand-stamped printing on front and back containing transparent pro-duplicated cassette with brown imprinting & 12-page saddle-stitched booklet laser-printed in black ink on brown cardstock. Small glass cork-top vial containing pieces of tree from a genuine German black forest.


A1 - 03:33 - Mountain of Kings
A2 - 02:10 - Grove of Lost Souls
A3 - 03:39 - Triumvirate of Tall Shadows
A4 - 03:04 - Dirge of Dead Limbs
B1 - 04:05 - Laws of Nature
B2 - 03:06 - Weald of Illusion
B3 - 02:42 - Moon of Desolation
B4 - 02:49 - Everblack