• number: Black Mass VI
  • date: 2010.03.30
  • location: Bloomington, Indiana
  • venue: the Bishop
  • time: 8PM
  • cost: $3
  • type: Concert
  • year: 2010


This month's BLACK MASS represents a very special selection of local artists from Auris Apothecary. For many, this will be the debut live performance of their solo monikers, beginning a new chapter in their musical careers. As always, a physical version of the Pharmacy will be set up, with previews of new and upcoming Auris Apothecary releases.


Eric Knipstine [Bloomington, IN]
Solo keyboards.
(no presence)

Deserter [Bloomington, IN]
Solo guitar.
(no presence)

Hail Architeuthis [Bloomington, IN]
Chaotic metal/drone duo.
bandcamp: www.HailArchiteuthis.bandcamp.com

Pendra Gon [Bloomington, IN]
8-bit electronic.
website: www.Doomtronic.com

Dante Augustus Scarlatti [Bloomington, IN]
Experimental noise.
website: www.DASdrones.org
bandcamp: www.DanteAugustusScarlatti.bandcamp.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/DanteAugustusScarlatti

Humans [Bloomington, IN]
Weirdo punk trio.
website: www.HumansBand.com
bandcamp: www.humansband.bandcamp.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/wearehumans