• number: Black Mass XXXIII
  • date: 2015.08.16
  • location: Bloomington, Indiana
  • venue: the Artifex Guild
  • time: 9PM
  • cost: $5
  • type: Concert
  • year: 2015

After almost a year spent focusing on other pursuits, Auris Apothecary is pleased to announce the return of BLACK MASS for its 33rd iteration, presenting a night of overwhelming audio euphoria from 3 distinct groups in the electro-acoustic world. Opening the show will be an ultra-short set from Auris Apothecary & Artifex Guild owner DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI, solo composer of abrasive atmospheres crafted through symphonic layering & heavy drones. Touring band ARIADNE will be following, presenting an immersive experience of computer generated visuals mixed with their somber and unique sound – equal parts IDM, musique-concrete, and Gregorian chants, all filtered through digital synthesis. Finishing the show will be local ensemble of audio wizardry GOODHANDS TEAM, whose last performance at the Artifex Guild absolutely blew us away with its multi-instrument, high-fidelity, full spectrum sound, a healthy mix of synthesizers and wandering rhythmic explorations.

Ariadne [Brooklyn, NY]
Duo of electronic glitched-out atmospheres containing unnatural synthesized tones & harsh accents mixed with ritualistic vocalizations and choral melodies of Gregorian-esque chants from a dystopian future.
website: http://www.ariadnesound.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ariadnemusic
bandcamp: https://ariadne-music.bandcamp.com

Goodhands Team [Bloomington, IN]
An ensemble of experimental musicians working together to form a sonic wall of asynchronous drones by utilizing jolts of turntable noise, homemade oscillators, synthesizers, guitars, and a plethora of other interesting & unique instruments.
website: http://www.GoodhandsTeam.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GoodhandsTeam
bandcamp: http://www.Goodhands.bandcamp.com

Dante Augustus Scarlatti [Bloomington, IN]
Solo experimental composer of avant-garde soundscapes and symphonic harsh noise.
website: http://www.DASdrones.org
bandcamp: http://www.DanteAugustusScarlatti.bandcamp.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DanteAugustusScarlatti