• number: Black Mass IX
  • date: 2010.07.24
  • location: Bloomington, Indiana
  • venue: Magnetic South
  • time: 10PM
  • cost: FREE
  • type: Concert
  • year: 2010


BLACK MASS goes totally psychedelic in the basement of local all-analog studio Magnetic South. Featuring an ensemble of vintage-flavored acts, BLACK MASS IX brings together MS artist Open Sex with Auris friends the Constants and Deserter.

NOTE: Controversial flyer led to calls to local record stores inquiring about free sex orgies.


Open Sex [Bloomington, IN]
Solo tape-music soundscapes.
(no presence)

Deserter [Bloomington, IN]
Solo guitar.
bandcamp: www.AurisApothecary.bandcamp.com

The Constants [Indianapolis, IN]
Rock and roll.
website: www.theConstants.com
bandcamp: www.theConstants.bandcamp.com