• number: Black Mass XVIII
  • date: 2012.09.26
  • location: Bloomington, Indiana
  • venue: the Sound Workshop
  • time: 9PM
  • cost: $3
  • type: Concert, Exhibit
  • year: 2012


Auris Apothecary is pleased to announce the return of Black Mass for its 18th installment, presenting 1 touring & 4 local artists proclaiming their own varied concoctions of experimental soundscapes as well as the official release of the "Locked Groove Lathe Plate Series" featuring all 4 of the local artists performing.

Locked Groove Lathe Plate Series [release show + interactive exhibit]

Auris Apothecary proudly presents our premiere adventure into the world of lathe cutting with the first 10 releases in an appropriately eternal series which will see dozens of Auris artists contributing to a vivid collection of never-ending sounds. Each artist wrote and recorded 1.8 seconds worth of sound for 9 individual grooves which were then lathe-cut in mono in real-time into a vast array of colorful plastic plates. The experimental nature of the locked groove forces a level of interaction from the audience not usually found in listening situations, as well as promoting a potentially new playback experience each session.

Multiple turntables will be on display for audience interaction with individual copies from the Locked Groove Lathe Plate Series to encourage understanding and to serve as a preview to the sounds contained within.


Joey Molinaro [Brooklyn, NY]
Solo grindcore violin with foot percussion from former member of Basilica.
website: www.JoeyMolinaro.com
bandcamp: www.JoeyMolinaro.bandcamp.com

Sitar Outreach Ministry [Bloomington, IN]
Psychedelic sitar & acoustic drones with otherworldly percussion featuring members of the Vallures & Apache Dropout.
facebook: www.facebook.com/SitarOutreachMinistry
soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/sitar-outreach-ministry

Drekka [Bloomington, IN]
Avant-mastermind of foreign sounds & figurehead of Bluesanct.
facebook: www.facebook.com/Drekka.is
bandcamp: www.Drekka.bandcamp.com
bluesanct: www.Bluesanct.com

John Flannelly [Bloomington, IN]
Solo keyboards, drum beats, effects pedals & electronic wizardry.
website: www.johnflannelly.wordpress.com
bandcamp: www.johnflannelly.bandcamp.com

Deserter [Bloomington, IN]
Solo reverb-washed dreamy guitar compositions from member of Floorboard & Circuit des Yeux (past).
bandcamp: www.aurisapothecary.bandcamp.com/album/aax-010-unsung-eulogies
floorboard: www.floorboard.bandcamp.com